Roof terrace upgrade

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As you may know, one of the big advantages of Marrakech is it’s year-round nice weather. Summers can get very hot, with a cooling breeze coming in from the mountains at night. Winters can get chilly at night, but during the day it warms up to 20+ degrees. The concept of the riad is based on this type of weather. Cool in the summer and comfortable in the winter. The roof terrace plays an important role in the life in a riad. A great place for breakfast, sun bathing or just enjoying the nice weather in the sun or in the shade. When we bought the riad, it wasn’t set up as a living area. So we decided to change it.


Here you see the terrace before we started the work:



And here you see the terrace after:



One of the key requirements of the new terrace was to make an observation deck to get a view of the mountains. As you can see on the photo we managed to create this, although we still have a few issues with the neighbours 😉

And the view is truly spectacular:



And on top of that, an unexpected nice sunset as well:

IMG_3709 copy

But of course, it didn’t just happen like that. It was a month of hard work for Hassan, the builders, artisans, tilers and so on to get our dream terrace in place. So what did we do? We opened half of the roof of the room that was already there. Which means, we have an open area and a covered area. The covered area has a fire place and/or BBQ pit. On top of the covered area, we have created an additional mini terrace that you can access via a stairs. On this terrace you can enjoy the views of Marrakech, the mountains and the sun set. A stunning place. Here are two short videos of the work:


So what’s next for the terrace? One of the things we will be installing is a fountain with running water. You can see it on the first photo of the blog post. Although it will be in a different location. Just left of the stairs. And then of course we need to decorate it. If you have any suggestions, please share with us in the comment section.We will keep you updated on new developments.

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