Our Pool Mosaic

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To give Riad Farasha that distinctive Moroccan feel, we knew we had to do something special behind the pool. Before we started the decoration of the riad there was a simple arch with the hand of Fatima in the centre. It was boring and did not inspire at all. We wanted something unique and Moroccan, a centre piece that would attract one’s eye and reflect the true beauty of our Riad Farasha.


So we started looking on the internet for a design that would fit that space and would make it come to life. We love the colour turquoise, so we wanted turquoise to be a key feature of the design. So here’s what we found.


I whatsapped the design to the artisan who was going to make it for us and he came back to us saying that it was a very special design and could only be made by artisans in Fez – the artistic capital of Morocco. A week later, he whatsapped me saying:”the design you gave me is actually from the Hasan II Mosque in Casablanca and the artisan who created it actually got a special award for it from the King. Here’s the design as we later found it at the Mosque in Casablanca.


With our approval, the artisans in Fez got to work. It would take them 3-4 weeks to create. it was a very labour intensive job. Here you see them at work:


Finally, after much anticipation, the artisans loaded the finished mosaic on a truck and drove the 500km journey from Fez to Marrakech to install the mosaic at our Riad. Here’s the finished product:





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