Our Courtyard Chandelier

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From the moment we set foot in the riad, we knew that the courtyard needed something big to light it up at night. Just having lamps on the wall wouldn’t do justice to the size of the courtyard. The only solution was to have a big lamp hanging down from the ceiling of the riad. But given the size of the courtyard, we needed something really big. Something that you couldn’t just buy in the souks. So under the guidance of our good Moroccan friend and handyman Hasan, we went on a search for an artisan who could build a lamp for us. And we did find one. We went to his workshop, briefed the artisan and they started working on a lamp which would go beyond our imagination. It had to be big, strong, colourful and most important of all, it had to make an impact when people enter the riad.




After a few weeks, the artisan came and delivered the lamp. It turned out a masterpiece. And certainly it created the impact we wanted. In the meantime, Hasan had created a bar across the ceiling with an electric mechanism to raise the lamp into the centre of the Riad. And there it hangs, the core centre piece of our courtyard.


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